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At Waypoints, we care personally about every individual and help you navigate the admissions process according to your needs, with the ideal of finding a school which is the perfect match for you and your child.

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of professionalism and work hard with every family to achieve our ultimate goal of having their child accessing the best education they deserve.

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    We Take You Past The League Tables

    Exam result league tables can be incomplete and misleading.  We examine the particular strengths or weaknesses of a school with you and offer an insight into a school's personality and nuances.

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    Independent and ethical

    We work exclusively for the child and their families, providing honest and impartial advice. We do not accept any agency fees from schools.

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    Global Reach

    Our knowledge of schools is truly global. We are experts in British education but collaborate closely with advisors and other professionals in the US, Europe and Asia, enabling your choices to include the best schools in the world. 

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    Network of excellent tutors

    We have access to experienced tutors who can assist in the preparation of entrance examinations and guide you in what to expect for interviews and pre-tests.

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    Cross-cultural knowledge

    We understand both Western and Asian approaches to education, having experienced first-hand the different systems of schools in Asia and the United Kingdom.  

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    Tailored advice

    Every child is unique and the search for a school must reflect this. Preferences on academics, location, student body make-up, optimal year of entry, international recognition and branding, extra-curricular activities, are always factored in.  

The British Education and Schools Show in Asia

BESSA is the long-trusted forum for families seeking informative advice and personal introductions into the prestigious world of British education. We are based in Asia and understand deeply the educational needs and preferences of families here.

BESSA offers accessibility to admissions officers through BESSA 24/7 - the website which hosts a virtual exhibition hall of schools and its schedule of talks and webinars throughout the year. We are also known for our highly successful annual school shows, which are curated carefully to bring the “best of British” education options to Asian families.

Through BESSA:
● Learn more about the top schools in the UK and Asia offering a British education.
● Meet school admission directors and learn about the unique strengths of each school.
● Listen to experts talk about key issues in the education landscape.
● Find out how to navigate the UK school admission process.
● Access supporting organisations such as education consultants, special needs advisors, summer course providers, professional guardians and experienced tutors.
● Interact with current British students and ask about their personal experiences of school

If the global pandemic allows, we hope to have physical shows in:
Bangkok - Wednesday 20th October 2021
Malaysia - Saturday 23rd October 2021
Singapore - Sunday 24th October 2021

Stay updated by following us on social media for updates: @bessaasia @bessa.asia

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The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual)

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