Consulting Process

First Stage

An initial consultation to determine your requirements for the school and an assessment of your child’s education background to-date.  This would include:

  • Considering school choice factors such as curriculum options, school success record, extra-curricular strengths, single sex or co-ed, school ethos, boarding style, location, religious requirements, and other factors.
  • A review of your child’s recent school reports, academic progress and other extra-curricular achievements or ability.
  • A general discussion of an overseas education covering guardianship, school fees, travelling costs, living expenses and other issues.
  • Producing a list of potential schools.

Second Stage

A more in depth research into each chosen school, assisting with a schedule of school visits and formal applications to short-listed schools.

Third Stage

We will provide advice on pre-test and interview preparation if necessary and depending on the school’s criteria for entry.  A place may be offered unconditionally or conditional upon success in entrance tests or examinations.  We are able to refer you to experienced tutors to assist with test preparation.

Final Stage

We will offer final advice regarding acceptance of an offer and consideration of whether a child is suitable for scholarship application.  We will also help to answer any other queries about a chosen school prior to the child’s entry.

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