HSBC Premier: BESSA’s chosen banking partner for UK students

HSBC is the largest bank in the United Kingdom with 625 branches and ATMs around almost every corner. But this isn’t the only reason we’ve partnered with HSBC to help every child’s transition to study abroad as smooth and seamless as possible. Read on to learn how HSBC’s overseas education support can benefit you at every stage of your child’s journey.

• Special consultancy rates with Waypoints education consultants for expert advice on UK boarding schools and universities – education options and entrance tests, enrolment processes and school tours, and applying for their student visa.

• Your child can open their UK bank account even before leaving home.

• We will send you a welcome pack before you leave home, which contains your child’s banking documents, credit cards, debit cards and cheque book, along with helpful information on moving to the UK.

• This means they can start accessing their money the moment they land, for a stress-free arrival. 

• Your child will be assigned a dedicated Relationship Manager to better meet their financial needs as they transition to overseas living.

• With online banking, your child can access all their accounts at once, and plan their spending with ease. 

• The HSBC QuickFX app allows them to convert currencies in an instant, at competitive, real-time rates. 

• Make instant fee-free transfers to their account, for peace of mind. 

Sometimes, the unexpected happens, which is why we’re also there in case you need emergency support at short notice. 

• Make instant fee-free transfers to their account, for peace of mind.  Instant emergency funds of US$2,000 (about £1,410) from any HSBC branch in the world. 

• A replacement of your child’s HSBC Premier card within two days in the event of it being lost or stolen.  

Find out more about HSBC Premier Family Banking here, or apply for an HSBC Premier account here.