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We advise parents looking for a British-curriculum education for their children, both in the UK and in Asia.  Our particular area of expertise is UK independent (private) boarding schools – both prep schools (7 to 13 years old) and senior schools (13 to 18 years old).  We are also knowledgeable about international boarding schools globally, including Switzerland, the US and in Asia.


Schools “Longlist” Package
This includes a one hour meeting (in person or by video) with you and your child to get to know them, discuss their profile, understand your priorities for their education and what you are looking for in a school.  Based on this and other resources you provide (like school reports), we will give you a long list of schools for consideration that fit your needs.  You’ll have the opportunity to discuss the selection in a follow up one hour meeting.


Drop-in Clinic
Do you have a specific question or problem you were looking for some professional advice about?  Our drop-in clinic can help to give an objective perspective, untangling a knotty problem or providing additional information to assist your decision-making process.
From S$175


The Whole Enchilada
A retainer-based consultancy service from “start to finish”.  This includes child assessments, advising on various education pathways, school selection and matching for best fit of school, introduction and liaison with school admissions staff, arranging visits, navigating admission procedures, preparation for entrance examinations, interview practice with feedback and action points, providing information about UK student visas, guardianship requirements and other transition matters.

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Interview and Test Preparation

Interviews and entrance exams are a common feature of school application procedures. We can help familiarise you with what to expect, and also prepare your child for any entrance examinations, with referral if necessary to an external tutor.

Interview Preparation Package
A one hour mock interview session, based on background information and school reports shared prior.  This is followed up with written feedback, action points and the provision of additional resources and materials.

Entrance exam or Pretest Preparation
We are familiar with the different entrance exams to UK independent schools, including the ISEB Common Pretest, 11+ and 13+ Common Entrance exams, 16+ assessment procedures for individual schools and the UKISET.  In addition, we can advise on school specific tests, scholarship exam requirements, referencing our large bank of past papers.  Our access to experienced tutors not only assist with teaching relevant content, but also check study skills and put in place a programme of study to ensure effective preparation planning. 
From S$100 per hour

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We have access to excellent to tutors, whether for specific curriculum needs or general enrichment.  Our tutors are experienced teachers who are familiar with local school syllabuses as well as the UK National Curriculum.  Depending on your preference, tutoring may take place online or in person, and at your residence or in a centre.
From S$80 per hour

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