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We advise for entry into preparatory schools (8 to 12 years old) and senior boarding schools (13 to 18 years old). The main intake years are Year 7 (11+), Year 9 (13+) or Sixth Form (16+), although many schools consider entry into other years.  

Our clients look to boarding schools for a variety of reasons and for different lengths of time. Singaporean parents may like the broad spectrum of academic subjects, range of activities and holistic approach at boarding schools in the UK. A French student may wish to board for a year in the UK and improve his English. An expatriate British family may wish their 11 year old child to have a consistent school environment. A Malaysian pupil may seek a two-year boarding experience or look at entering the British system prior to applying for UK university course.

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Interview and Test Preparation

Interviews and pre-tests are becoming a common feature of school application procedures. We can help familiarise you with what to expect, and also prepare your child for any entrance examinations, with referral if necessary to an external tutor.

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Online Tutoring

We have access to excellent to online tutors, whether for specific curriculum needs or general enrichment.

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