Mrs. Tan, Singapore

Stephanie has also contributed greatly in preparing our son for his move to the UK. She has been able to give him practical information and increase his confidence so that he is now positive, enthusiastic and mentally prepared to begin this year. All this would not have been possible without Stephanie’s persistent and consultative approach to the matter, for which we are most appreciative.


Head of Admissions, Cheltenham College

Cheltenham College has recently started working with Stephanie and we have found her superb to work with. She has a good understanding of the British education system and a thorough knowledge of the pupils she is representing to ensure pupils go to the school that will suit them best.


M et Mme Sibony, Paris, France, whose son entered at 16+ for a year abroad programme

Stephanie's help was invaluable in finding a UK school for our son. Finding one's way in the maze of English schools is practically impossible from abroad, as all of them look alike and make the same claims... But more importantly, Stephanie took the time to understand what our family really needed and opened doors to a subset of schools that fit our priorities. She also coached our son to prepare his applications and interviews (not an easy task!), all of this remotely yet very effectively. We found her extremely responsive at all times, despite the time difference between Singapore and Europe. It was a pleasure to work with Stephanie, and we are delighted with the choice of school our son was able to make at the end of the process.


Mr Chia, Singapore, whose daughter entered into the 6th form

We sought Stephanie’s assistance at the final hour when my daughter already had two offers with scholarships into the A level programme in the UK. With 3 weeks to go to the start of the semester, we decided to seek her advice on our path and the choices available and in very quick time she told us there was an opening at one of the most prestigious schools in the UK and she’d work with us in quick and intense order to get my daughter in. It was not easy, and we are thankful and grateful that we got there in time. Without her dedication, guidance, professionalism and expertise, we would not have been able to seize such an opportunity. We are very happy with the outcome and our daughter has settled very well into the School.


Mrs Wang, Singapore, whose son entered at 13+ into co-ed boarding

Stephanie has been an amazing help in our search for my son's boarding school. She is extremely resourceful and I have to commend her for being able to find a match for my son in a very short time. Stephanie never tried to promise more than she could deliver and she made sure we were realistic about our options, especially when we were extremely late for applications. She also gave advice on his transition to boarding school in terms of transportation between school and the airports, guardians, and so on. I have no problem getting advice from Stephanie and she also reassured me on the common problems children face when they are away from home for the first time. She has also been keeping informed of my son's progress in school. I am very happy with the school match and very glad that he is enjoying himself in school, both academically and socially.


Registrar of Rugby School, taking part in a virtual BESSA school show

Thanks to you and your team. The technology worked pretty well and I met a good number of families. Encouraged by serious interest. Well done on all your efforts!


Attendees at BESSA School Shows

"BESSA was like a well organised supermarket of fine foods"

"Quality schools represented"

"A highly professional event. Thank you"


Malvern College Admissions

BESSA is hands down the best school fair I attended during the year. A classy event that brings in genuine families


Mr. Tan, Singapore, whose son entered at 16+ into the Sixth Form

Stephanie has been instrumental in our boarding school search. Throughout the process, she has been able to provide timely advice and sound recommendations specific to my son. She invested time and patience to understand his interests, preferences as well as his strengths, in addition to our own requirements as parents. At first, we were working on the assumption of a 2016 admission because we were late initiating the process for 2015. However, Stephanie was quick to act and advise us when we decided to bring forward his admission to September 2015. I believe she played a pivotal role in the resulting offers received by our son and, in particular, the opportunity for him to be admitted to his first choice school.

We are very happy with the outcome for our son and would highly recommend her as a consultant to others.

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